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To maintain a high standards of customer satisfaction,we specialize in providing clients with
swift and efficient preparation of their documents that is limited to legal document
preparation without giving legal advice.


Allied Financial Services opened its doors to help students and graduates in the beautiful San Diego,CA in January 2012.Allied Financial Services is a targeted Business Processing outsource organization focused on both Federal Student Loan Forgiveness and Consolidation market. Our experienced management team provides unique insight and knowledge in this industry and pass it along to its clients.Allied Financial Services Processing is a high-performing team of individual employees who are encouraged to act with a group spirit on behalf of customers.All teams work hand in hand to achieve the ultimate results that benefits every client.



A strong ethical thread is interwoven throughout the entire organization and consists of a firm commitment to ethical business conduct.


At Allied Financial Services, we have a strong commitment to growing our company in a sustainable way. This includes preserving and protecting the clients interests, valuing and challenging our employees and working to improve the community in which we operate.

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Stockholm Offices

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